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The band is based in and around Burnham, in the leafy Thames Valley, or South Buckinghamshire if you prefer.  See Join Us for details of our rehearsals.


We perform in the local area. Venues which we have regularly used include the churches of St Nicholas, Taplow, and St Peter's, Burnham.  From 2019 we have resumed giving our major concerts at Burnham Park Hall with its excellent facilities.


We have also played this year on Henley bandstand and at a couple of outdoor events.  We're keen to do more of that - if you would be interested in having us play at your event, use the Contact Us tab to get in touch.

...Concert Band

Yes, there's a clue in the title.  We're... um... a band that plays concerts.



Now don't go upsetting our Director, please!  Concert Bands evolved from the military bands which have a long and proud tradition.  They include whole sections of instruments (flutes, clarinets, saxophones...) which you won't find in a brass band.  Conversely, there are some instruments that are specific to brass ensembles.


We play in a range of settings - formal concerts 'indoors' but also out and about at fetes, bandstands, and so on.


We play a wide mix of repertoire.  Think Liberty Bell or Colonel Bogie, but also John Williams, Tribute to Count Basie, Hootenanny, Mancini, Oliver, Bohemian Rhapsody and much, much more.  What's not to enjoy?

So is that the same as a brass band?

Meet the sections

Burnham Concert Band musicians clarinets playing Burnham Concert Band musicians saxophones playing Burnham Concert Band musicians flutes playing

Anything you can play, we can play higher

Specialists in fast-fingering and teenage pouting, the flutes and piccolo are always in the front line

Death or glory

If there's blood to be spilled, the trumpets and cornets won't be far away.  Over the top, chaps!

Melodies 'R' us

Some people think they should be playing the tune ALL the time.  Step forward, clarinets and oboe

Voo voo voom

The saxophones take a lot of stick but they don't care - they know they're the sex gods of wind music


Plumbing world

Horns, trombones, euphoniums and tubas make up the engine room that powers us along

Percussion, kit and bass will have your feet tapping, if not your pulse racing.

We got rhythm

K bass