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AGM approaching

By mkashford, Sep 3 2018 12:54PM

From Sandra:

Hi Everyone

Just a reminder that we will be holding our AGM on Wednesday 12th September.

As I mentioned in my previous email there are various roles up for grabs on the committee as we have lost Peter Taylor who was both Librarian and Secretary. Niki Thatcher has come on to the committee and has been doing a sterling job in the librarian role with the added help of the 'pad minders' which seems to be working very well.

Along with Niki we as a committee have been filling these roles up to this point and have our own nominations from within the current committee, but if you would like to put yourself forward for them or any other roles on the committee then please let one of the committee know before the 12th so we can all vote on the night and get it sorted as quickly as possible not to take up too much rehearsal time.

Obviously each committee member will be asked if they want to continue to serve in their post on the night so election and re elections will take place.

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