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Michael Pegram FVCM, ARCM

Since January 2017 we have been directed by Michael J Pegram, FVCM, ARCM, psm (hons).


Michael started his professional career with the band of Her Majesty’s Welsh Guards in 1971 and toured extensively with them.  In 1977 he was accepted for the 3 year bandmasters’ course at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall.  He emerged with top honours, including the conducting prize and the coveted Worshipful Company of Musicians’ medal for the best student bandmaster.  In 1980 he was appointed bandmaster of the Royal Regiment of Wales and later transferred to the 9th/12th Royal Lancers.  More recently he conducted the RAF Halton band from which he has now retired.




Michael Pegram R

Music Director

Past Music Directors of the Band include Mr. Missirrian, David Simpson, Andrew Challenger, Sally Roberts, Peter Jones, David Jackson, Geoffrey Bright, Charley Brighton, Jon Brigden, Jason Griffiths, Richard Watterson, Phil Lazenbury, Ian Collin and Paul Burr.

Christmas Michael R